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Residential pest management solutions

Homes, our most prized possessions, are where we look for peace and relaxation. Least one expects is unwanted guests in the form of Pests! Considering the pace and progress of our modern day urban lifestyles, it has become very difficult to keep pests away from our homes. Besides, pests are part and parcel of our environment. Hence, it is imperative today to effectively manage our homes against pests, rather than just looking to control pests.

Least one expects are unwanted guests. We provide comprehensive guidelines on preventive pest management, supported by effective & environmentally safe control measures (treatments) for your homes. These services can either be taken on a one-off basis (single treatments) or as an annual maintenance order (periodic treatments), depending on the nature and quantum of your pest problems.

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General Insect Pest Management
Rodent Management
Wood destroying insect management
Flying Insect Pest Management
Ornamental Pest Management
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