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Commercial pest management solutions

PCAMB today is India’s leading and most preferred pest management solutions provider for all types of commercial establishments. Our success lies in working in partnership with our customers to help develop the most effective solutions for their businesses.

Our strength lies in our facility pest audit & reporting, This forms the basis for our proposals of customised pest management solutions for any property. Our primary emphasis is on a proactive approach towards preventive pest management measures combined with the judicious use of environmently friendly insecticides.

Call us to carry out a comprensive property pest audit and provide you the right solutions for your particular facility, which will help you protect your people, property and brand from pests. So to find out solutions that suit your business type, click below:

Facilities Management
Food Processing & Handling & Retailing
Healthcare Facilities
Hospitality Industry
Work Spaces and Office Environments
Aviation Industry - Airports, Aircrafts and facilities
Pharmaceuticals Industry