Flying Insect Pest Management

Flying insect pests are probably the most irritating and difficult pests to control, considering their main sources being the external surroundings/environment. The main pests classified in this category are house flies and mosquitoes.

The most import aspect towards better pest management for any premises, is taking precautionary measures in the form of physical barriers to prevent entry of flying insect pests. These would include, fixing of fine wire-meshing/netlon on windows, having double door systems, etc. It is also important to prevent mosquito/fly breeding sites inside the premises. This would mean preventing unwanted collection of water, disposal of old tyres, uncovered food items, etc.

We do not recommend frequent treatments inside residences and this should be done only in extreme situations. Treatment is carried out by spraying various approved and WHO certified liquid insecticides in strategic places, particularly on vertical surfaces. Mechanical spray pumps or the ultra low volume atomisers are used.