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Do I really need pest control?
If pest problems could damage your reputation, your business, or your quality of life then the answer is certainly–yes.

Why choose PCAMB?
One should avail our solutions for: -

  • Our unrivalled experience & goodwill being in the Indian pest control industry for 4 decades;
  • Facility/industry-specific solutions;
  • Highest quality services, i.e. ISO 9001:2000 certified;
  • Solutions are safe to people, property and the environment - certified as ISO 14001:2004 and absolute honesty and dedication towards solving clients pest problems.

Impact on human health and environment? Is pest control harmful to the environment?
Our pest management programs are carefully designed considering the impact synthetic insecticides can have on human health and the environment. PCAMB strictly adheres to its Quality and Environment Policy (as stated in our ISO 9001:2000 & 14001:2004 certification) and judiciously uses the best quality insecticides that are also approved by WHO.  Removing pests benefits the environment – and all our operations are carried out as sensitively as possible.

Do I have to sign a contract?
It entirely depends on your pest problems. As Expert Professionals, we recommend either one-off services or contracts after reviewing your property pest audits results.

Standard general pest control contracts can be availed for regular periodic pest control services for your residential or commercial facility.

Can PCAMB provide services across multiple sites?
Absolutely. We provide comprehensive pest management solutions to several organisations such as MNC’s, Airports, Large Corporate houses, multi-national banks, Hotel chains, Diamond industry, etc across multiple sites and locations in India. Special packaged rates are offered to clients with multiple locations.

How important are surveys or property pest audits? “What are free surveys”?
We do not follow the common gimmicks of providing free surveys, as we believe that anything provided free of cost is not valued or respected. Survey or pest audits are highly critical in determining the best solutions to your pest problems. Hence, we stress on undertaking thorough property pest audits / surveys.

Charged amounts for our surveys are always adjusted against the value of our contract to the customer, giving them full value and meaning to their money.

Isn't PCAMB just for business customers?
No, PCAMB provides pest management solutions to any kind of facility / customer – from residential customers to the largest corporations. Our solutions are customized to the requirements of your facility.

Can Pests be completely eradicated or eliminated? Is a pest-free world possible?
No! Complete extermination, elimination of pests is not possible. These creatures (pests) have their own survival mechanism and are created to exist is this world. Therefore, the stress today is on “pest management” and not just pest control. Pest management is aimed at managing one’s facility / premise at the lowest level possible for any pest infestation. Pest control treatments need to be supported by good hygiene / sanitation practices.

What is IPM or Integrated Pest Management?
Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is an approach to controlling pests in safer, more effective, longer-lasting ways. When you use IPM, you

  • Understand a pest's identity and habits so non-toxic, preventative measures can be used first
  • Use a combination of different tactics for better effectiveness
  • Use least-toxic chemicals, if any.
  • As pest management professionals IPM is what we follow today, for all our programs.

Is it true, that if “X” quantity of insecticide is good then “2X” is better?
No. Certainly not. This is a dangerous myth and can result in greater harm than any benefit. Manufacturers of insecticides provide guidelines for use, particularly the concentrations of insecticides and their dosages in a premise. These are certified by the Central Insecticide Board and other governing bodies and cannot be changed as per one’s own wish. We strictly adhere to the insecticide manufacturer’s guidelines, always keeping in mind the safety of people, property and the environment. Excessive use of insecticide can lead to pests developing immunity/resistance towards them, therefore causing a major outbreak of infestation.